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Growing Medium

If you are thinking about getting started growing your own marijuana one of the first things that needs to be ironed out is what medium you will be growing in. Lately there have been more and more improvements and advancements within the medical marijuana specifically with the vast amount of different growing styles a grower can get started in.

Hydroponic Growing Weed

Right now one of the easiest ways to get growing is using a simple hydroponic setup. There are many who want to push the organic soil method BUT growing in hydro has plenty of benefits that soil simply cannot compete with.

Being able to have plenty of oxygen and nutrient solution always feeding your root zone allows for faster growth and larger yields and is a reason why many cash croppers and caregivers alike LOVE to grow in a hydro setup.

When you first get started with a hydro setup there are a few different mediums that you will need to add to your system in order to house your plants. You will usually always have net pots so that your root system can grow down and through BUT many like using hydroton, perlite and rockwool plugs to give their plants “legs” to stand on else the marijuana plants will not be stable.

Within the hydro grow style itself there are plenty of different styles including dwc, nft, aero, buckets, flood and drain, flood and grow to name a few. If you are starting small and want to get started with a hydro setup you can never beat using 5 gallon buckets with a net pot with an air and water pump to get the oxygen and nutrient mix to your plant.

Soil and Soil less Grow Medium

If you are not wanting to get started with a hydro setup or worry about leaks, flooding or other issues that can go wrong within a hydro setup and want to keep things more simplistic SOIL can really be the ticket.

Many mmj patients love mixing their own super soil for example. You can create your own soil mix where all you need to feed your plants is nothing but water because all of the amendments and nutrients are already within the soil mix itself. Making your own super soil however takes a minimum of 30+ days before it is ready to use SO many tend to go with soil mixes like fox farms ocean forest, roots organics soil and even dr earth.

You can take a couple bags of ffof and cut it with 25% perlite to allow solid air flow within the root zone and depending on your pot size, your girls will be able to get everything they need out of the soil for a good 2-4 weeks before needing to add nutrients to your feed program.

Which Grow Medium Is Best For Beginners?


Between hydro and soil many want to know which is better and what do the majority of professional cannabis growers use. From the many years of experiences we have had and fellow growers alike, it really all comes down to what works best for you and your style of growing. Some LOVE mixing soil between their fingers and hand watering on a daily basis whereas others love the simplicity of a hydro setup where you only have to check the nutes every week or two.

The only way for you to know however is to get started with either and see which works best for your daily and weekly schedules. Many medical marijuana patients for example have conditions where lugging big bags of soil is not possible and many times dealing with a hydro grow CAN BE much labor intensive than a soil or soil less grow.

In Conclusion

Growing pot with hydroponics has many perks including faster flowering and yields HOWEVER soil tends to win when it comes to flavors and odors that the flowers and buds put out once harvested, dried and cured. Most personal growers run soil and most commercial growers push hydro however both systems can and do work for all sorts of growers around the world.

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