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Sea Of Green ( SOG )

Sea of Green growing is perfect for any medical marijuana patient with a decent plant count because it is easier and faster to sog than most any other style of growing. There are many growers who have small plant counts and growing in a scrog ( SCREEN of GREEN ) allows them the ability to grow less plants but still wind up with a great harvest.

Intro To SOG Growing
SOG is pretty much packing in as many plants as you possibly can so that it literally looks like a “sea of green” and rightfully so. After growing with sogs, scrogs as well as low and medium stress training there is nothing more fun than growing sog style. It will allow you to go get clones from collectives for example or take clones yourself and put them into flower much faster than other growing styles because you make up for size WITH numbers.

Instead of having 8 or 9 plants in a grow area you could cram in 32 – 64 and while they won’t compete individually with the 8-9 plants that you vegged longer, they WILL end up with solid harvest numbers due to the overall volume of plants.

Sometimes you need to get growing and fast and waiting around for plants to veg for 4-8 weeks isn’t exactly something that growers want to wait around for because the flower cycle itself is yet another 60-80 days on top of the veg length.

You can cut clones, root the clones and let them veg for a week and toss them in a sog flowering cabinet or grow tent and you will be on your way. Anyone doing micro, small and even large grows can run sog style which btw is perfect for anyone trying to find certain phenos within their strains and seeds they run.

When To SOG
You really only want to SOG with clones so they can be somewhat uniform however growing sog from seed is more than possible. Just remember that with any seed grown plant the first couple weeks are not as productive as a comparable sized clone and needs to be taken into account when adding up veg and flower cycles.

Remember that a sog will only work if your plants have a single cola ( many growers however run 2-8 tops even in sog BUT need to train them throughout the grow and it extends the veg time needed ) so trying to flower out bushes crammed together will leave a TON of larf and fluff so with sog you will want to lollipop them to remove the under growth so the plant can focus all of its growth energy on its top main cola(s).

Better Yields In SOG vs Scrog
As a grower, I have noticed better results within a grow year from sog versus scrog due to the ability to cycle and flower out sog style clones quicker than a scrog ( which needs time to grow as it fills up ascreen with less plants to make up for less plant numbers ) however anyone with plant count limitation should check local and state laws regarding plant counts before attempting a sog.

Screen Of Green ( SCROG )
If you are looking for a fun way to get growing mmj you should totally take a look at setting up a scrog. With a scrog which is a Screen Of Green allows a grower to run less plants but still get a completely even and yield producing grow.

Intro To Scrogging
To put it simple, a scrog is a screen ( some use hemp rope, garden trellis and other diy methods ) that you put at a specific height which you will then make sure that all of your plant colas fill in a “square” in the screen. You get the entire plant to grow up towards the screen but keep tucking it under so that all the secondary growth on the plants start filling the other “squares” within the screen as well.

Once you have a good 50% to 75% of the screen filled up you will then be ready to flip them ( go from veg light cycle to flower cycle ) and then as the flowering progresses keep tucking your plants under the screen so that your canopy continues to stay the same height which ends up helping create a ton of top colas that will yield HUGE.

The issue with common growing methods versus simple training methods tends to let plants grow at their own pace and by the time flowering comes around you have some plants over 4 feet tall and others under 2 feet which ends up becoming very inefficient.

Who Likes To Scrog
Many patients and non patients who worry about plant count laws will generally run a low plant count. Sometimes growers will run a SINGLE plant using the screen of green method and still be able to yield quite well considering they are only running singles.

Anyone who doesn’t like the extra work that can happen ( in a sog for example ) might enjoy only having to tend to a few plants versus a TON crammed into the same area.

Why Scrog Works With Low Plant Count MMJ Laws
We are still living at a time where banning plants is still the norm even though we all know that you can’t FORCE people into YOUR WAY OF LIFE even if you feel it isn’t the best thing for them. For those who still believe marijuana is harmful, please research how many deaths have been caused from marijuana compared to cigarettes and alcohol. I will save you some time as I know the current death toll from marijuana which is ZERO, now go research what those other two so called “safe” drugs ( cigarettes and alcohol ) have caused as far as death rates go.

Due to other peoples worries and the save the children mentality many growers have to limit their plant count which is really irritating especially when growing from seed as you need to locate the males and females, cut clones, put some in flower all the while trying to stay within a set plant count.

If there is to be any plant count for growers it should be no less than 200, this would allow clones, veg, mother section and flowering areas PLUS a buffer for most growers. We personally do not believe in ANY plant count because this is a beneficial plant which everyone should grow and enjoy.

SCROG Compared To SOG
Without the issue of plant count as mentioned above, there are some growers who prefer less plants under a SCROG and others like a ton of plants in s SOG. As you get your green thumb started you will soon find out what style works best for YOU.

In the end there is no magic pill that will grow better bud that can compare to trial and error and YEARS of experience which allow you to make mistakes, correct them and continue getting better.