This Affiliate Marketing Guide will help ANYONE learn how to market the Growing Elite Marijuana grow guide in a way that will put money in your pocket GUARANTEED. All that YOU need to do is read the guide and put it to real action and let the law of averages work the rest out for you.

Before we get started there are a few things that we need to go over in order to remove anyone who isn’t really serious about this opportunity OR willing to “put in work” so to speak, in order for the guides magic to work for you and with you.

Currently there are plenty of marijuana affiliate programs through grow lights, seed banks and vaporizers ( just to name a few ) but there is one thing MISSING with most of these affiliate programs that only OUR GUIDE can provide and that is, KILLER CONVERSIONS.



Just to do a small introduction so you can know a little about myself and why I have decided to work with Ryan Riley and happily promote the Growing Elite Marijuana guide. Online I go by the nickname Aardvark and am now the Affiliate Manager for . I have been involved in online marketing, sales, online grow shows as well as breeding and gifting thousands of beans around the world during the last 10+ years.

I have joined most marijuana a.k.a. 420 related affiliate programs through the years and have tested their conversion rates, cost to promote and overall income. What I found really irritating is that the affiliate programs that most think are making us affiliates a ton of cash actually convert TERRIBLY. These ASSumed income generating programs include marijuana seed banks and grow supply affiliate programs among vaporizers and many others.

No Other Marijuana Related Affiliate Program Converts Like The Growing Elite Marijuana Affiliate Program and that is a FACT!

Now let’s get to the part where I can help YOU make money. Remember that skim reading through this guide will only hurt one person and that person is NOT me. I put this guide together to help others like myself out there who love marijuana, love supporting legalization of our most loved plant AND to spread some positive growers karma in a way that I am actually pretty damn good at. If you are looking for supplemental income, passive income or even a full time income THIS GUIDE can and will help you get there.

Do not pass up on an opportunity of a lifetime by assuming that this guide and the growing elite marijuana affiliate program is like all the rest out there because this is THE ONE PROGRAM that can and will make you income month in and month out like clockwork.


What Sort Of Income Is Possible?

This is one of the most common questions that we get and one that SHOULD BE asked. The way the Growing Elite Marijuana Affiliate Program works is a per sale commission per grow guide purchase. You will make 57% commission and there are many affiliates currently generating a couple hundred to a couple thousand per week AND SO CAN YOU!

Below is a breakdown of the commissions you can earn per sale whether on the first or second tier as well as an earnings potential diagram which will help you IMAGINE exactly how huge your passive income with the GEM Affiliate Marketing Program can be IF you follow our simple step by step marketing strategy and FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT.

Commission Breakdown and Earnings Potentials

The commission per sale is 57% which breaks down to you earning either $32.49 ( if they buy the guide full price ) or $26.79 ( if they use the $10 off coupon code ) PER SALE. You will also earn an additional $4.55 for every affiliate that you refer who generates a sale.

So let’s break it down so you can see an average affiliates monthly earnings. Remember that some affiliates generate far more than the below example and others are still working towards getting to 4 and 5 figure monthly earnings.

2 Sales a Week For An Entire Month = 8 Sales and an average earning of $214.32 ( if they all used the $10 off coupon )

2 Sales a Week For An Entire Month = 8 Sales and an average earning of $259.92 ( if they bought the guide full price )

5 Sales a Week For An Entire Month = 20 Sales and an average earning of  $535.80 ( if they all used the $10 off coupon )

5 Sales a Week For An Entire Month = 20 Sales and an average earning of $649.80 ( if they bought the guide full price )

10 Sales a Week For An Entire Month = 40 Sales and an average earning of $1071.60 ( if they all used the $10 off coupon )

10 Sales a Week For An Entire Month = 40 Sales and an average earning of  $1299.60 ( if they bought the guide full price )

 Now along with your own personal referrals ( sales ), anyone you refer into our affiliate family will then earn you $4.55 each time THEY refer a sale for the life of their affiliate account. The best way to look at this is, just imagine if you referred an admin for a huge marijuana forum and that admin ends up generating hundreds of guide sales per month??? You would earn that $4.55 each and every time they make a sale for as long as they choose to remain an affiliate with us.

 Getting 2,5 and 10 sales a week is doable and many affiliates generate 10 times that amount like clockwork and so can you. All you need to do is follow along, keep reading, learning and using our tips and tricks to duplicate our results. This will allow your paypal account to fill up with cash on the 1st of the month along with the rest of us and yes, it really is that easy.

Do I Need A Website To Make Money With This Program?

There are many potential affiliates who feel that they are lacking in the tech/internet department skill wise. The one thing I will let all of you know is that you DO NOT NEED to know how to build a website, own a domain or spend a dime to start making money with us.

I will say that as you get better with your online marketing skills however, you will want to setup a wordpress blog whether on your own host and domain OR a free one through one of the many free blog sites out there BUT it is not required to create cash within your first month.

Sometimes people start focusing on building the best website, spending too much money on adwords or other ppc campaigns and when they don’t see instant cash they give up before the conversions can be realized.

This guide will allow you to SKIP all of these pitfalls before you start going towards them and keep your cash IN your pockets where it belongs. If you already create websites, have a webhosting account and know how to setup a wordpress blog then by all means use this guide to improve your website but as stated before, it isn’t a requirement.

We wanted to make sure this guide can be used by anyone whether they are cash strapped or rollin’ in it. Now let’s get to the setup, marketing strategies and the many ways that YOU can start getting commissions within your first day, week and month and keep them coming and more importantly INCREASING as each month passes.

Joining The GEM Affiliate Program Basics

If you are reading this guide for the first time and still not an affiliate currently then follow these steps below so you can get your affiliate link ( this is what will track your clicks, sales and conversions ).

Step One – Sign up for the official growing elite marijuana affiliate program at the link below:

CLICK HERE to sign up for the affiliate program

Step Two – Fill in all of your information including your paypal address so you can get paid correctly on the first of each month for the previous months sales. Many growers worry about entering their personal contact information but one thing you need to realize is that you are not selling weed but simply a grow guide which is 100% legal in all countries.

You should also realize that the growing elite marijuana affiliate program is paid out through paypal and if paypal is fine with it, you know there won’t be an issue ( this program has been paying like clockwork for years through paypal so there are zero issues or worries here ).

Step Three – Once you receive your login information, login to the affiliate backend system and familiarize yourself with it, grab your affiliate link, check out the banners and other marketing materials as well as verify that you entered your paypal email address correctly ( if this is wrong, then you won’t get paid SO make sure you have entered it correctly ).

How To Pop Your GEM Affiliate Marketing Programs’ “Sales Cherry”

I have always called my first sale with a program or company “popping my sales cherry” and with good reason. The first sale always seems the hardest but once you get passed it, the rest seem to come much easier and frequent.

Most new affiliates will give up before they get their first simply because they think it will never happen. The one thing that YOU need to know is that when we are talking about sales the only thing that matters is the law of averages and conversions.

If you get “traffic” ( clicks through your affiliate link ) then at some point the law of averages will work in your favor and a CONVERSION will present itself in the form of a sale. The best thing that I can recommend to get you moving towards poppin’ that sales cherry is by FOLLOWING THROUGH with the marketing tips and tricks below and to never stop until you have made that first sale.

Never Give Up Because The Moment You Do It Is 100% Guaranteed That You Will NEVER Make A Sale But If You Keep Moving Forward And Use The Law Of Averages There Is A 100% Guarantee That A Conversion WILL PRESENT ITSELF!

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  • RyanRiley says:

    There is a ton of new content about to be released so all you new and seasoned affiliates be ready to make A LOT OF MONEY!!!

  • Aard Vark says:

    How’s it going “GEM” Family!

    The Aardvark here, excited to share with you a ton of affiliate marketing material, sales tricks and in general here to help YOU make more money while working with us at

    If you have any questions related to the affiliate program you can hit me up anytime either through a comment on this site OR by email: I have a ton of material going up this week including videos so stay tuned especially if you are wanting MORE SALES than you are currently generating.

    There will also be some killer affiliate promotions happening including MONTHLY BONUSES for those who are trying hard and generating decent monthly guide sales. Prizes can include lights, grow supplies, gift cards, a copy of the guide + all bonuses among many other killer promo prizes.

    sending positive growers karma to everyone in the Growing Elite Marijuana affiliate marketing family,
    the aardvark

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