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During the summer time, growing with hps grow lights can be a real pain in the arse! Not only due to the TEMPS but also on your wallet due to the need to run the a/c more than normal. Most times it is almost impossible for a grower to keep the temperatures down in their grow tents while using a 600 or 1000 watt grow light.

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How To Make Marijuana Brownies

One of the first tasty treats that patients and marijuana smokers alike love to try out tends to be either brownies or a krispies treat. While we all have grown to love the hell out of marijuana rice krispies treats, nothing beats a really potent marijuana brownies recipe. Most of us have a sweet tooth but when you are also looking for something beneficial to help your ailments nothing beats a super strong edible.

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Have you been looking for a great medible recipe that will allow you to get extremely medicated BUT it still taste great? We have a special treat for you which includes a ton of really tasty ingredients. Continue reading

How To Transplant Marijuana Plants and Seedlings

If you have trouble during the up potting and transplanting clones process, there are many different methods to UP the survival rate of your favorite cannabis plants. Most of the issues that will lag the root zone growth and canopy growth happen during the cloning, transplanting and up potting stages.

Feel free to keep testing out the many different ideas and concepts that growers have tested BUT the best thing to do is to get the guide and avoid killing your favorite clones. Continue reading