During the summer time, growing with hps grow lights can be a real pain in the arse! Not only due to the TEMPS but also on your wallet due to the need to run the a/c more than normal. Most times it is almost impossible for a grower to keep the temperatures down in their grow tents while using a 600 or 1000 watt grow light.

There is finally another option and while there are plenty of choices out there, when growing marijuana there is only ONE COMPANY worth buying led grow lights from and that is

led grow lights


LED GROW Lights – Buy l.e.d. grow lights from trulite ledgrowlights TODAY!


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We have been excited at the results that growers from around the world have been getting while using trulite leds and you too can finally enjoy a panel that won’t shut off, lose diodes or break like most other led grow lights on the market do. The Aardvark has tested led grow lights from multiple manufactures as well as custom spectrums and while he loved his results there were still some issues with the longevity of the panels that he wanted ironed out.

led grow lights for sale

It really does come down to the spectrum within each panel but many other needs were wanted from him including a white exterior color ( reduces temps compared to any other color tested ) as well as diodes and led drivers that last AT LEAST 5 years without a failure ( no led grow light company actually deals with this issue ).

Cheap LED Grow Lights

Locating cheap led grow lights online is actually very easy but there is a difference between CHEAP and cost effective. The led grow lights on eBay for example can be called CHEAP but the leds from trulite can be called cost effective. TRULite offers something that no other led grow light company offers and that is their actual SUPPORT of legalization of our most loved plant.

Yes there are led websites out there that “behind the scenes” will support marijuana growing but sadly most haven’t ever grown a single marijuana plant in their lives let alone actually SUPPORT marijuana especially publicly.

We need to make sure and support the led grow light companies around the world who support us and from what we can tell there is only one that we would like to put our name behind and that is TRULITELED and hope you will as well.

Best LED Grow Lights

For those of you who like to have options when buying led grow lights, no other company offers as many payment options like tru lite offers. Feel free to contact them today and don’t forget to let them know that Ryan sent you ( you can tell them the grow guide guy sent yah! ) and I know they will take really good care of you and make sure that the led grow light panels they send you will work perfect for your grow tent, grow cabinet or larger grow area.

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