That is right folks, we are having a promotion right now which will allow YOU the ability to get some potent and high yielding white widow seeds. While we generally love growing regular seeds versus feminized, there really are a TON of benefits to growing fem beans. For those of you who are new to growing, this is A PERFECT OFFER for you to get your green thumb started.

Watch this video below for complete details and then head over to our free seeds promotional page located HERE


Right now there is a ton of reasons to get yourself growing but if you are just looking to see if it is something you MIGHT enjoy, grab the guide, get your free beans and please let us know how your grow ended up. We are here to help you with any growing questions AND happy to offer any suggestions to help you improve your yields, potency and overall bud quality.

Lately there has been huge strides towards legalization and decriminalization happening around the world so don’t find yourself on the short end of the stick when it comes to growing quality pot. There are people young and old growing amazing cannabis and you can finally become one of them with the right grow guide and strains to work with.


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