how to grow marijuana fast

How To Grow Weed REALLY Fast

Introduction – How To Grow Weed Fast

Ahhhh, the joys of learning how to grow your own incredible marijuana.

There is nothing on Earth that compares to the fine quality of home-grown cannabis. Note: I said nothing.

It’s the difference between a puppy produced in a breeding factory, living it’s days in the cold steel cages forced onto assembly lines vs one raised in a warm loving home, where it gets plenty of food, rest, sleep, sunshine and play!

Home-grown quality cannabis, if done right, is the difference between brittle buds that leave you feeling groggy, and pounds of divine cannabis that can single-handedly renew your life.

Finding out how to grow cannabis is no different.

Learning how to grow weed indoors (or outdoors) could single handedly change your life, it is a VERY healing hobby!

If you want to find out how to grow weed fast, you will need to review a few crucial things.

Remember, Learning is worth it! Growing cannabis can really change things for the better. It fills both your heart AND your pockets! 😀

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Marijuana Seeds

Seeds form the basis of your indoor & outdoor cannabis grow.

When learning how to grow weed fast, proper seed selection is essential.

You are physically limited by what quality cannabis you can grow at home by the genetics of the particular strain you choose. If you plan on growing weed, you need to plan the most important step first: Proper seeds.

Think of it like this; imagine a soul is about to incarnate into a human body.


That soul desires to be a strong, african american male.

Unfortunately, the body he gets is a scrawny caucasian, or of different descent.

No matter what this man does; all of his food, proper sunlight, exercise, etc, he will NEVER become african.

It is THE SAME with growing your own cannabis when learning how to grow weed indoors or out!

Time & time again I see first time beginner growers getting frustrated at the tiny buds they are producing.


They started off their entire grow with a bunk seed!

Growing cannabis requires a very viable seed. Because of overseas regulations, nowadays you can buy weed online (seeds).

Gaining high quality cannabis seeds from trusted seedbanks (See seedbank reviews inside Growing Elite Marijuana) is the MOST important step for ensuring maximum taste, aroma, potency, yield, color, shape, and overall uniqueness of the bud plant!

Growing Medium – Learn How To Grow Weed Fast

The next step when learning how to grow marijuana is to choose a specific growing medium. What is a growing medium?? Simply put, it’s “What your bud plants are taking root in and getting their nutrients from.”

This is the core of growing weed, especially when focusing on sea of green type grows.

Cannabis growing requires a very specific grow medium, such as: rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, etc!!

Grow mediums come in many shapes & forms (plants grow everywhere – life wants to live!!) but, the most common when growing marijuana is in soil or hydroponics.

There are unique advantages, and disadvantages to each, which we will go into here.

Growing Marijuana In Soil

Learning how to grow weed can be tricky, and soil is VERY forgiving for the absolute beginner.

There are many techniques to cannabis growing, like sea of green, that are best utilized in soil-based mediums. That’s advanced.

So don’t worry, we’ll get to that. Learning how to grow cannabis may seem tricky, but it’s not if you have the right gameplan.

Soil is a favorite classic among cannabis enthusiasts.

If you want to figure out how to grow weed fast, then you will need to be able to differentiate between soil & hydroponics growing cannabis. Hydroponically growing marijuana is nothing fancy, it just means you are usuing NO sil, and the grow medium usually sits in a tank of water.

Soil is the ideal choice for many “hardcore” cannabis growers, because it gives the potential to produce some of the finest cannabis strains on the planet! The reason for this is, the micro-ogranisms in the soil.

[picture of organic soil micro-organisms.]

These microorganisms (it’s like a mini city down there!!) Aid in the digestion, and transformation of raw materials into useable fertilizer by the cannabis plants. Ever heard of Worm Castings?

Yup, same thing here, except imagine MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of “worms” that are microscopic in size, producing tons of nutrients for your buds. Can you say explosion of growth? How to grow weed fast? YOU GOT IT!!!!!

Growing big, juicy marijuana plants requires your seeds, and then grow medium (growing marijuana in soil) to be adequate.

Many ganja hobbyists also complain about the taste, and bad after-taste of the smoke of hydroponically grown cannabis. This is because, instead of relying on natural organic fertilizers, many hydroponic growers tend to use harsh chemicals to feed their cannabis nutrients.

Until next time,

Keep it GREEN, keep it LOVING and full of LIGHT.