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There are many reasons to prune your plants whether in veg or flower. If you are focusing on YIELDS, learning when and why to prune your beautiful marijuana plants IS one of the best techniques available to mmj growers.

When To Prune Your Plants

One thing that all growers should learn is when to prune their plants. During veg there are plenty of reasons to prune your plants especially when growing indoors. If you have a grow cabinet or grow tent for example you will want to make sure that your plants before hitting flower are no larger than 3 ft and even then that is cutting it close when it comes to height limitations.

If you are working with sativas for example you will want to keep your girls at most 3 ft and still would need to focus on training your girls by bending them, snapping them and tying them down so that they do not over grow your cabinet or tent.

Benefits Of Pruning Cannabis Plants

One of the biggest reasons to top plants is to increase yields while keeping a more uniform canopy. When you grow indoors having an even canopy will allow you to keep your grow lights much lower to the plants which can help with lower bud sites and density throughout the entire plant itself.

Another great benefit to pruning is to reduce powdery mildew and potential pests however always be aware that IF you already have powdery mildew PRUNING and trimming can and will increase PM throughout your plants and garden as a whole as it leaves open wounds. Only prune healthy plants and you will see more benefit than negatives throughout.

Best Time Of Day To Prune

One of the best times to prune your plants is during the start of lights on as it allows your plants the ability to heal and grow in a warm environment versus closer to the dark cycle. If you prune closer to the dark cycle there is higher chance of pests, bugs and mildew to attach and expand which will not be beneficial to your plants, your end meds OR the future of your indoor grow as a whole.

If you must prune closer to the night cycle just make sure to keep it minimal and spread out your trimming, topping, fimming and pruning to every other day to further reduce the chance of powdery mildew and other issues to arise within your grow.

Where And How To Prune

What we find funny is the amount of growers who think that you can trim a plant anywhere and assume it to regrow new tops. If you cut off the budsite completely NO NEW GROWTH will happen no matter what other growers might say.

You must cut ABOVE the internode to allow those secondary tops to revert to PRIMARY tops and grow according. There are plenty of other methods to allow a plant to explode with new growth by doing alternative topping methods such as fimming for example.

How To FIM And Why

Fimming is actually called “F*ck I Missed” and the key is to actually cut through a budsite versus cutting above it. Once it heals you will notice 1,2,3 or even 4 new tops forming due to your miscalculated cut. While the fim cut seems to be bad for the plant it actually is one of the BEST yield generators that you can do for a plant.

When fimming, it can take a couple weeks for the new growth to show completely but best of all you can keep on fimming during veg growth and end up with an endless amount of budsites compared to the normal 1 or 2 that normally grow per bud site on a marijuana plant.

Why Is Topping Important For Better Yields

Topping allows a plant to not focus on a main cola but rather consider ALL of its colas whether primary or secondary as MAIN colas and each will yield and grow as if it was the top of the plant. Most of the smaller and lower budsites on plants normally grow at a slower rate otherwise BUT once topped you will see the lower growth EXPLODE with juicy trich covered icky sticky.

In the end just remember to focus on your plants health before cutting, topping, pruning or fimming because it can and is counterproductive unless it is 100% pest and mildew free to be able to see the best results possible.

Growing Room Planning
One of the most fun points in any marijuana growers life is being able to plan out and then setup their grow room. Plenty of growers start out with micro cabinets as well as grow tents however for those of you smart enough to skip the small stuff and go straight to setting up a YIELD GENERATING grow room keep reading for some helpful tips.

Easiest Way To Setup A Grow
There are many different grow tents and cabinets that can be built but one of the least expensive and most productive ways to build a grow room is by using black and white poly also known as panda. With the panda poly you will be able to create a light proof and reflective grow area that has the white side of the poly on the grow side and the black side on the outside.

Many times however there are many reasons to not use panda poly especially in a room or area where others might frequent often. Besides a grow tent nothing screams MARIJUANA GROW more than a poly grow room or cabinet setup in a room so make sure the foot traffic is either minimal or completely non existent.

How Important Is Being “Light Tight”
There are many strains that react terribly to any and all light leaks no matter how small. Anytime you setup a grow room don’t forget to go inside it and seal it up and see what light leaks you see while in there.

If you are totally fine with hermies then by all means don’t worry about light leaks however for those who do not want cross dressing marijuana plants in their tents KEEP the light leaks to a minimum or completely irrelevant.

What About Dealing With Temps
Temps are something that most new growers overlook but it can be one of the biggest yield reducers in any garden. Being able to not only regulate but also limit any and all heat should be something that most growers should do. One thing with temps that marijuana growers should understand is that if your temps get high enough many bugs will start to roll in. Sometimes it seems like random bugs come out of practically nowhere however with high temps the odds are much higher.

Keeping Grow Odors Down With Scrubbers
If you are in a med friendly state you might think that life is peaches and cream and no one will mess with your grow BUT you are 100% incorrect with that observation. It really does not matter whether you are in a med friendly state or not for you to make sure to keep your grow odors in check.

Always look at your grow as if you have GOLD hiding and understanding that there is ZERO REASON to let anyone ( no matter how close they are to you ) know that you are growing even if you are a 100% compliant medical marijuana grower.

What Sort Of Walls Or Reflective Material To Use
The easiest and best stuff to use is called panda. It allows you the ability to build a grow room to the exact specs that you want WHILE making sure that the grow itself is completely light tight. There are many other wall materials to use such as mylar but they are a pain in the ass to work with no matter how LESS EXPENSIVE they might seem to you.

You can build actual walls however even if you put the time into drywall etc you will want to end up lining it with poly ( panda specifically ) simply because it is extremely cheap and amazingly simple to work with.

How To Keep Your Grow On The Down Low
There is only one way to keep a secret and that is by telling NO ONE. You might think you have friends that can keep a secret however if it comes down to your livelihood and your NON incarceration we would suggest that you keep your grow a complete secret. The only reason growers run their mouths is because they feel the need to “prove themselves” or even “look cool” and neither of these reasons are worth losing your freedom over TRUST US.