We have noticed lately that there has been PLENTY of misinformation being spread online about various marijuana grow guides and tutorials and have decided to offer a REAL SOLUTION to this problem. If you haven’t read the #1 grow guide ( you can download it here btw ) no worries because within this blog you will soon learn the many benefits behind following PROVEN and DOCUMENTED results when a grower actually follows simple step by step growing methods, tips and tricks featured within it.

Right now there are many growers who feel THEIR WAY is the only way and that can go for HPS growers who trash talk those working with LEDs as well as those who run chems versus going organic. What we have been able to learn from being in this industry for so many years is that there are MANY WAYS to grow amazing marijuana BUT each of those ways does require you to understand the BEST WAYS TO GROW WEED and while there are those who know “their style” of growing it doesn’t translate into all other types of growing methods no matter what they might try and say otherwise.

Once You Learn How To Grow Do You Really Need To Keep Learning?

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Within this blog you will be able to learn the ins and outs and get introduced to the simplest methods which produce the best results versus going on it all your own and HOPING your crop comes out great. Why waste time listening to someone on a forum who has 47 posts and zero grow shows to SHOW that his or her method works?

If you are new to the growing elite marijuana grow guide keep reading ( you can download it here but please come back and keep reading ) because there are a few things that have changed here in 2013 with the guide as MORE grow shows have been done using our techniques and strategies which had us IMPROVE the guide into what it is today.

Why Can’t I Just Download A Free Copy Of The Guide?

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Yes there are illegal pirate sites with outdated copies of my grow guide and you yourself may have already downloaded it, but you are missing out on the many NEW techniques as well as the many extras included. Because the digital edition is so nice, I am continually updating the guide. The latest update was July 2013. I’ve seen these sites carry my guide from 2008 So why work with outdated copies?

So you can save a couple bucks, and not ensure the best grow?

I actually put in time and effort to keep the grow guide that I have been working on FOR MANY YEARS NOW as up-to-date as possible.

The only types of software that is FREE are those that are out of date and never updated, if you get a LEGIT COPY you will be able to get LIFETIME UPDATES as well as the many ADD ON BONUSES straight from me which you will NOT get from a shady virus filled download site, that have government tracking IP’s.

I believe in growers karma and when someone steals from you especially when it is related to our amazing marijuana plant it can really bring some negative growers karma their way. I doubt you would want someone to give away your product, service or guide and if they did would you really want to keep updating it while spending time and money keeping it as fresh as possible? I doubt it and hope there are more growers out there looking for POSITIVE GROWERS KARMA versus a free outdated copy.

Come On Now..

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We ALL Know That Growing THE BEST Bud is what we are all after and that information is continually evolving and with the guide ( growing elite marijuana UPDATED VERSION from the OFFICIAL SITE ) that I continue improving as new tips, tricks and growing strategies improve based on real world testing YOU will be right there with me having ALL THE KNOWLEDGE to make sure that your crop is as best as it really can be.

Wouldn’t you want to be on the inside track versus scratching your head wondering why your so called watered-down free version isn’t getting you the results you want? WAKE UP and join the real growers here on this blog and BUY THE GUIDE and let’s prove how well it works to the rest of the world by posting grow show videos and pictures showing that it not only works but works AMAZINGLY WELL.

What Is Included In The UPDATED Version?

Within the 2013 updated version of the guide you will be AHEAD OF THE GAME and for the price of the growing elite marijuana guide the amount of EXTRA WEED you can grow will more than pay for itself 1000 TIMES OVER and that is a fact! There will always be those who say all grow guides are created equal and that might be true with the many older and outdated guides out there BUT I ( Ryan Riley ) focus on staying ahead of the growers curve and would assume that YOU a fellow grower would want to do so as well.

We all spend $60 to $100 on our seeds right? Now there are those who complain about seed prices being too expensive as well and wish the genetics itself were free BUT nothing in life is free except “bag seeds” and “outdated grow guides” and IF that is what you want to grow with by all means do so but we strongly suggest against it.

What’s In Store For The How To Grow Weed Fast Blog?

That is a GREAT QUESTION and the only way for you to find out is by bookmarking the page and checking back because just like the grow guide that I created which is the #1 trusted grow guide by medical marijuana and recreational growers alike, this blog will be THE GO TO SITE to learn the ins and outs of our industry.

Feel free to ask any grower questions you might have and feel free to join in the conversations within the posts with fellow growers because this blog is for US the growers of the world to come together and really get into what it takes to grow the best marijuana in the world and FAST!

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