how to grow weed from a seed

How To Grow Marijuana With Feminized Cannabis Seeds

There are so many different seed banks and marijuana breeders where you can get some solid genetics from. Sometimes it can seem like you will never be able to get all of the strains that you feel are MUST HAVE strains.

Usually when you start buying seeds it tends to get a bit addictive ( I think that growing and collecting seeds is about as ADDICTIVE as marijuana can be ) because there are just so many great strains worth buying up.

Many new patients and growers start with feminized seeds these days. It could be due to the simplicity of not needing to deal with males however there can be other issues including random males and hermaphrodite plants popping up if the feminized strains were not bred correctly and tested.

What Are Feminized Seeds
Feminized seeds simply means that 100% of the seeds are female and there should be zero chance of any males popping out of the seeds. With nature, it can do what it wants to do and as crosses and hybrids are developed random males can and do pop up from time to time.

Now a days the feminized breeders have gotten their fem breeding down to a solid system and have removed most hermie and male issues from their female lines which has been a definite bonus for the medical marijuana and commercial growers .

Spotting Hermies And How To Avoid Them
If you are new to growing, locating males and females can be difficult however locating hermaphrodite plants is ten times harder because they are much harder to spot. Usually hermies come out of female plants which then grow out “bananas” within their bud sites and preflowers. They literally look like small bananas and when they open up POLLEN will come out and dust all the hairs and if viable will create seeds.

Since the plants that are producing this pollen is a female however each and every seed that this pollen produces will be female. There are some shady breeders who actually use hermaphrodite pollen versus creating real female seeds using colloidal silver for example. Be careful when buying female seeds especially from unverified breeders because they could have hermies within their projects and the problem genetics might take awhile to pop up ( a few generations ) but once they do they will reek havoc in your garden and breeding projects.

How Are Feminized Seeds Made
There are many ways to create female seeds and the fastest way is from hermi plants pollinating themselves and other plants in your tent, cabinet or garden. You can also self females which will allow you to take a female that does NOT hermi but force it to produce male nanners to create pollen with and allow for 100% genetically viable females within each and every seed.

You can do a colloidal silver mix which is actually quite easy to make at home ( google colloidal silver generator females ) and will allow any closet breeder or pollen chucker the ability to take any clone only or elite female and produce seeds of. This would be killer for cherry pie, girl scout cookies or other cali elite clone only strains currently around.

How Does Grow Room Environment Affect Plant Gender
There really are plenty of reasons why a plant will be male or female but hermies tend to come from environmental issues specifically light leaks and other interruptions with the flowering day/night light cycles. When a plant feels that it will not survive due to the environment or the light cycles, it can and will produce nanners so that it can reproduce.

Having a hotter temp can create more males especially in terribly dry grow tents with zero air flow. Many males will tend to pop up due to low light issues and is something that can easily be fixed once the grower dials in the environment to the 75-85 degree sweet spot.

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

If you are new to growing one of the most annoying things that you can do is buy $100 seeds and end up killing them due to your inability to germinate them correctly. Whether you are getting started with bag seed or elite strains this article will allow you to increase your germination ratios and end up with
more pheno and strain selection.

How To Spot Viable Seeds

There are many growers who believe that green and white seeds are not viable however we have tested plenty of seeds over the years ( tens of thousands actually ) and many seeds which look to be incapable of germination do the exact opposite. Anytime you pollen chuck and create your own seeds remember to keep and test ALL seeds because there are many seeds that look terrible however end up having some of the best marijuana plants coming out of them and more than worth growing out and testing.

Besides the many white and green strains spotting viable seeds ( when you buy from seed banks the seeds should be dark and/or tiger striped to show viability and age ) is actually as easy as making sure the seeds look and feel aged. Most young seeds do not have a strong shell and will crush/snap under minimal pressure however viable seeds will be hard to crush BUT be careful as it is still possible to crush viable seeds.

How Long Does It Take For Seeds To Germ

From the time you put the seeds in water to soak, seeds tend to take 24-72 hour to fully germinate. This will of course depend on how you germinate the cannabis seeds AND what the temps are during the germination process itself.

Whether you do the water soak or not, most seeds will germinate and end up showing taproots within 3 days whether placed in soil, hydroton or even as simple as wet paper towels.

Different Marijuana Seed Germination Methods

If you have ever wondered how the pros germinate there seeds keep reading. One of the easiest and most used methods to germinate seeds is by soaking the seeds in water for at least 24 hours and then tossing in a tupperware container with a wet paper towel until a solid tap root comes out of the seed shell itself.

Many growers take seeds and toss them straight into soil, rockwool or peat pellets however when you have spent $10+ per seed it makes sense to do anything and everything possible to make sure that all the seeds germinate. Nothing beats the soak in water for 24+ hours and tossing either into a tupperware with a wet paper towel OR soaking in water for the 24+ hours and then putting the seeds straight into soil and skipping the tupperware/paper towel method completely.

How To Tend To Germinating Seeds and Seedlings

It is actually very easy for germinating seeds to die. Many make the mistake of leaving their seeds to soak in water for too long as well as forgetting to wet the paper towel that the seeds are germinating under ( when doing the tupperware method ) and end up frying them completely. The temps of the germinating seeds do play a powerful role in how the seeds and the plants that come out of them end up growing.

When To Transplant Into Growing Medium After Germination

The best time to transplant your germinated seedlings into vegging pots is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The easiest way to give your seeds the best chance of life is by putting them in soil or hydro as fast and soon as possible. When you have the ability to toss your germinated seeds in soil you then are able to see your germination ratios as well as continue to expand your current garden.