Since I signed on for the affiliate manager position here with, I have received plenty of emails asking “how do I get started?” and for those of you still wondering keep reading…

There will be many who will read the various marketing and affiliate sales training articles that I will be posting on this blog and hope that all they have to do is “set it and forget it” as far as seo and marketing goes. Back in the day there was a time where a well written and optimized article would get your affiliate link ranked in the top 3 in google BUT those cash cow days are over sadly.

I have been involved with search engine optimization specifically within google for over a decade and while I am not exactly happy with the current google ranking algorithm there really isn’t much an average joe like us can do about it. Google and many other search engines have focused on removing affiliates and review type sites from their top search results in hopes of all of us PAYING through their various b.s. ppc marketing programs.

I have tested and split tested google ads as well as 10 or more other networks and unless you have a decent amount of funds to test with, it really isn’t worth the effort to blow your funds on. Now the best part about the various ppc methods however is that you CAN end up ranking on page one for any keyword ( assuming you are willing to pay the cash to make it happen ) and YES it can in fact generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars month in and month out for you.

For those of you who have cash on hand and want to get the fastest return possible google ads can be a great start and best of all I have all of the best converting keywords and ad titles/descriptions that I myself have tested and proven them to convert. You will hear me go back and forth on the positives and negatives of pay per click marketing methods because I know there are all levels of “investment” abilities for our affiliates and I want to make sure everyone has an option to be able to create some decent cashflow within the growing elite marijuana affiliate program.

If you are looking into investing in google adwords, be prepared to spend anywhere from $.40 to $1.75 PER CLICK and if you do not have at least $500 to test with then I suggest getting started with less expensive methods. The key to making a decent return on your investment when it comes to pay per click programs is to test for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks with no daily limit. This will allow you to see which days of week, which times during the day and other variables work best for you and your marketing campaign.

The reason that I am bringing all of this up is simple, I do not want our affiliates to spend $50 on google ads and them not convert. I also don’t want those who have zero money to spend to feel like they have no option to get themselves some marijuana grow guide sales either.

There really are plenty of free, cheap and more expensive methods to get yourself some sales and below is a list of my favorite methods. I will be hyperlinking to each “method” below which will have a how to guide for each method ( as the articles go live so will the hyper-links so check back often )

The Aardvarks Top Marijuana Grow Guide Marketing Methods

1. Youtube Marketing – This is a fun and free way to get yourself in front of MILLIONS of potential grow guide buyers and very easy to setup and start seeing guide sales within your first week.

2. Grow Guide Review Site – Set yourself up a free or paid website using a great domain name and you will soon see your website ranking well within the various search engines. This is also great for those who currently grow and is a huge addition to your youtube channel since you can link back and forth between the two for even more free traffic.

3. Marijuana Related Article and Directory Submissions – For those of you who have written articles before this will come second nature. There are many who think writing articles is next to impossible BUT I have a million and one ideas to help you create converting articles AND tips on how to get them ranked within search engines and more specifically WHICH directories to submit to ( they are ALL free btw so that in itself is worth the time and effort you put into writing them ).

4. PPC Campaign – I enjoy sharing and showing affiliates FREE METHODS however google adwords campaigns can and will show sales on day one ( once the campaign goes live that is ) and with the right keywords, titles and descriptions you can make hundreds of grow guide sales per day, week or month ( depending on your budget that is ). I have a huge list of all the search keywords, search phrases and long tail terms that have converted well for me and I am passing these onto our affiliates.

5. Marijuana Site/Forum Advertising – There are a ton of cannabis websites on the web that allow advertising text and banner ads and they can convert VERY WELL. These range in price per week/month however this is a huge addition to the youtube/website that you hopefully will create as it will drive very targeted traffic to your youtube channel and website. Marijuana forums can sometimes be expensive to advertise on BUT sometimes just a week or two is all you need to get your channel or website branded and talked about.

6. Word Of Mouth Marketing – If you are a marijuana smoker/supporter who happens to frequent the various cannabis cups, mmj collectives, grow shops and tend to get in front of fellow smokers/growers having yourself the right “tools” in hand can help you generate sales just by having a simple 5 minute conversation with a person. I have a ton of great ideas for this including business card setup, marijuana related shirts/hats and other methods to allow YOU to get your affiliate link in the hands of your target market without even needing to go online to do it.

7. Email Marketing Campaign – This is perfect for getting yourself sub-affiliates and for every sale they make will then create a commission for you ( remember the grow guide is a 2 tier program so referring other affiliates is a GREAT income booster ). There is a huge difference between spamming email addresses and effective marketing so this will be a MUST READ indeed.

more marketing methods to follow

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  • Aard Vark says:

    It looks like there are a ton of affiliates starting to get their “sales cherries” popped! Keep up the great work everyone and be ready for the December Affiliate Contest because there will be a TON of killer prizes given away to the top affiliates!

    Keep up the great work everyone and don’t forget that you can contact me ANYTIME for help getting started so you too can pop that sales cherry.

    You will soon see that getting a couple $32 commissions daily/weekly can really start to add up to some great passive income,
    the aardvark

  • RyanRiley says:

    Great list of methods!
    Can’t wait to see the “how to” for each method and what it does for our affiliates conversions. I am sure they are going to be stoked to have these methods not only told to them but explained on how to make each of them actually work!

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