How To Make Marijuana Brownies

One of the first tasty treats that patients and marijuana smokers alike love to try out tends to be either brownies or a krispies treat. While we all have grown to love the hell out of marijuana rice krispies treats, nothing beats a really potent marijuana brownies recipe. Most of us have a sweet tooth but when you are also looking for something beneficial to help your ailments nothing beats a super strong edible.

Before you start chowing down on your mmj brownies there are a few things you need to know so KEEP READING!!!

Marijuana Brownie Recipes

There are a thousand ways to create your medicinal brownies but remember that it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to OVER an hour before they actually “kick in” and with that you don’t want to start eating one after the other UNTIL you know what your edible tolerance level is.

This is one of the main mistakes most new to edibles makes because they assume it will hit them like inhaling but it actually gets into your system an entirely different way AND will last 3x to 5x longer so keep that in mind IF you plan on doing anything during your day.

Marijuana Brownies Video

The above video will help you learn how to make some very strong marijuana brownies and you should start by eating a smaller amount versus a full brownie UNLESS this isn’t your first time at the medible rodeo (-;

If you would like to learn about other edible recipes as well as many other related topics don’t forget to check THIS out today.

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