How To Transplant Marijuana Plants and Seedlings

If you have trouble during the up potting and transplanting clones process, there are many different methods to UP the survival rate of your favorite cannabis plants. Most of the issues that will lag the root zone growth and canopy growth happen during the cloning, transplanting and up potting stages.

Feel free to keep testing out the many different ideas and concepts that growers have tested BUT the best thing to do is to get the guide and avoid killing your favorite clones.

Easy Ways To Get Clones To Root Better During The Transplanting Process

In the grow guide, you will learn what not to do, what to do better as well as WHY plants which are transplanted correctly will grow faster, stronger and BIGGER buds each and every time. When a grower is just getting started, half the fun comes from the learning process but when you want to make sure and have a successful yield it is best to skip the trial and error issues and follow a step by step PROVEN METHOD.

Later on in your growing career, you can then test out your own ideas and methods and see if you can then improve on the current cannabis growing standards that the pro’s have set.  I totally believe in the crawl before you can walk strategy especially when it comes to growing potent meds and the mistakes that many noobs make can be avoided by CRAWLING along while reading the growing elite marijuana guide.

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