What Is The Best Grow Guide?

Over the years, there have been a good 5 or so growing guides worth reading. Many come from years of experience and others are more of a collaborated effort. There is however one grow guide which can teach noob growers and already “green thumbed” more seasoned growers how to grow faster, larger and more potent buds so keep reading and see what this single guide can do for you AND most importantly what YOU need to do in order to download it today.

Where To Download The Marijuana Grow Guide

There are only a few places that have an active download link for the growing elite marijuana grow guide. Most that you will notice especially those on illegal websites are not only outdated but actually filled with warez that NO GROWER would want on their computer ever. The main thing growers need to realize is that NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE even if it seems that it is a legit offer, download etc.

Don’t trust the illegal download sites especially if you are a grower or smoking residing in the United State or any other country where growing cannabis is frowned upon.

Are There Other Grow Guides Worth Reading?

There are plenty of grow bibles and guides worth buying or downloading if you are into reading but in all honesty THIS GUIDE will give you everything that you need to grow the best weed of your life. With the other grow guides, articles and so called bibles, they are a blast to read if you are into canna history or simply want to see the old school pictures and articles from the much older generation.

Right now however, things are changing and most of these older grow bibles came from many we love and respect BUT in their day things were different and with marijuana getting legalized everywhere, thc and cbd testing something that all of us indoor growers can get done with our own personal meds most of those old school growers guides are sadly outdated.

There are many solid techs out there worth reading over but I wouldn’t use them with todays strains especially since most of the genetics we work with nowadays are actually far more potent than many of the past even though the old cats will never admit to it until they actually test YOUR own home grown.

With the older sativas however, those are hard to beat as most indoor growers do not run anything that takes longer than 10 weeks to flower. I will say that the 16+ week flowering sats they can DESTROY the 8 week indicas because those are just straight head candy YUM YUM (-;


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  • RyanRiley says:

    I hope to get EVERYONE growing their own meds versus buying them. Why waste your money on buds when you can learn how to grow your own and for your exact needs?

    Anyone who is currently smoking and not growing really needs to give it a shot and see what you are missing out on. Think about the difference between frozen and fresh food because there is no bud better than the first time you smoke your very own home grown bud especially when you follow the grow guide (-;

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