Free Marijuana Seeds

How would you like to get FREE MARIJUANA SEEDS while having the ability to make sure that you have the best yields, potency and flavors possible?

How would you like to make sure that these free cannabis seeds germinate 100% by learning from the pros EXACTLY how to make it happen?

Right now you can be one of the lucky ones who will receive 5 FREE Feminized White Widow Seeds but remember this is for a limited time AND while seed supplies last so ACT NOW before all the beans are gone. We normally do not offer such a huge freebie but sometimes it makes sense to send out as much POSITIVE GROWERS KARMA as we possibly can and what better way than offering free weed seeds?

How To Get Free Cannabis Seeds

Before we get to the full details, there are a few things that need to be brought up, specifically about the strain that is being given away for free. The White Widow strain is one of the most smoked, most grown and most loved marijuana strains in existence and for good reason. Whether you are growing and smoking the white widow for medicinal reasons or just to smoke it up, it is POTENT, LONG LASTING and the YIELDS will put many other strains to shame and that is a fact jack.

We have grown the white widow many times over our growing lives and locating a killer pheno is easier than you might think. The widow tends to produce very similar phenotypes but you will usually find a STAND OUT that you will want to take a cutting or two of and start a mom to keep in your veg tent or cabinet.

With these being feminized, you will not have to deal with sexing the plants which is PERFECT for all of you first time growers out there. Now if you are a first time grower and honestly have zero clue how to grow or where to start then this giveaway is PERFECT FOR YOU on all fronts.

Unlike many first time growers, you will have the capability to not make the usual first time grower mistakes because you will be downloading the best marijuana grow guide available so that your grow will go smooth the FIRST TIME. Many growers need years to hone in their green thumb and that is because they didn’t have a mentor, a grow guide or anyone to help them avoid the common mistakes that tend to abound while running your first few cycles.

Having a great strain like the feminized white widow will also allow you to not deal with small yields, finicky genetics or unproven yields because the widow is a growing queen and a bad ass for potency. The WW is also a fast to finish strain which means you will get a ton of bud in a short amount of time.

Weed Seed Giveaway

click the image below to download the guide and as a BONUS you will receive a coupon which will secure $125 worth of feminized white widow marijuana seeds with purchase ( details will be sent through email after you download the grow guide ) from our favorite marijuana seed bank and best of all they delivery discreetly worldwide so no matter where you live, you will have seeds ready to grow as you read the grow guide.

Free Cannabis SeedsRemember these are first come first serve so hurry up and download the guide right now to secure your free weed seeds today!

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